What to Expect From a Home Cleanout Service

Determining That You Need Home Cleanouts

Do you think you might need home cleanouts? There are many different circumstances that might lead to this possibility. Let’s say that you’re moving out and need help clearing out all your old belongings. Maybe you’ve inherited a home after a loved one passed away. You might even be a property manager who has wound up with a house clean up job after an eviction or a foreclosure. These are all perfect times to turn to a home cleanout service, such as the one offered by JunkBusters MS for the help you need.

Bringing in the Team

Any junk removal team worth their salt will bring enough people to get the job done fast. After all, you contacted a professional company so you wouldn’t have to handle the clean out on your own. It wouldn’t make much sense for a one-person team to show up at your door because of this. A force of two, three, or even more people will help make the clean out process all the easier. It also helps to pick a junk removal company that has a big truck. That way, all the household junk can be hauled away in fewer trips.

Generally, a junk removal business will review all the junk ahead of time. At the very least, that’s how we handle things at JunkBusters MS. After confirming how much junk is in the house, the company should estimate the total volume it will take up in their truck, then determine what you will pay accordingly. Some companies can tell you the final price with certainty before even beginning their work, which is very convenient for you!

Removing the Junk

Whether you need estate cleanouts, eviction cleanouts, or moving day cleanouts, it all boils down to the same process. The junk removal team will remove everything that you wanted them to take in a quick and timely manner. A truly professional junk removal business won’t just take care to not scuff your floors and walls, but they’ll also be fully insured just to cover the slim possibility of an accident happening. Since a team of experts consists of multiple members, they will be able to haul away your heavier items as well, such as furniture and appliances.

As the junk is removed from the house, it will wind up in the junk removal company’s truck. Eventually, there won’t be any clutter left in the home. At this point, some companies might sweep up the floors for you as we do here at JunkBusters MS. That way, the house’s cleanest self can truly shine.

Finishing Up

Home cleanouts aren’t free, so expect to pay the team after they’ve finished their work. After the payment is processed, the company should take your junk to a nearby disposal site. Here in the Memphis Metro Area, there are many landfills and transfer stations available. However, the best junk removal companies will prioritize eco-friendly practices. In the case of disposal, this entails recycling and donating any unwanted items. Think about all the various belongings that get removed during home cleanouts. Just to name a few examples, there are clothes, toys, electronics, books, carpets, and kitchenware. All of these things and more can make for great donations to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

At JunkBusters MS, we not only provide eco-friendly junk removal, but we also offer great prices and a team that knows what they’re doing. We would be happy to help you with our full-service home cleanouts. Additionally, we offer many other junk removal services so you can clean out a house, a commercial space, or any other kind of space!