Hot Tub Removal

Between all the attention to detail and know-how that removing a hot tub requires, it’s not an easy task to do on your own! Instead, call JunkBusters Mid South when you need to get rid of a jacuzzi.

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If you had to get rid of a hot tub, wouldn’t it all be so simple to leave it to experts? After all, de-constructing a hot tub and disposing of the debris is hard work. With so many things on your plate as is, you shouldn’t be bothered to add a DIY-project to your agenda! Instead, rely on JunkBusters MS for full-service hot tub removal. We’re a hot tub removal company that covers spa removal from start to finish, leaving not a single ounce of debris behind! That way, you can focus on other tasks at hand- or even better- take a seat and relax!


JunkBusters isn’t like those other hot tub moving companies that overcharge for services rendered. Based in Olive Branch, we’re a locally-owned company that keeps your cost at an all-time low! Regardless of where you call us from, you’ll be paying an affordable hot tub removal cost, based solely on your hot tub debris volume. At the beginning of your appointment, our team will make sure to give you an accurate quote at no extra cost so that you know what price to expect! At check-out, you get to breathe easy without the added stress of add-on fees.

Another aspect that sets us apart from other companies is our dedication to eco-friendly disposal. Instead of taking shortcuts by disposing of hot tub debris and other junk at the local landfill, we choose to recycle and donate anything we can! Following your hot tub removal services, our guys will recycle reusable materials like plastic and electrical wiring.


  1. To begin, book your appointment today!
  2. Next, someone from our team will be in touch with you. Give them a few details regarding your hot tub, and they’ll be pleased to give you a free estimate over-the-phone!
  3. At your appointment, count on our guys to arrive on time, if not early! Then, they’ll give you a free quote awaiting your approval.
  4. The last thing for you to do in our hot tub removal process is approve that quote! Our crew will handle the rest from there, from spa demo to debris cleanup.

Demolishing Standard Wooden Jacuzzis

If the hot tub you need removed is encased in wood paneling, rest assured that we can take care of it properly! In fact, we have experience demolishing hot tubs of all kinds, so we always know what to do. Just schedule your appointment, approve your quote, and leave the rest to us!

As trained demo contractors, we begin every job with a few precautions. After gearing up, we’ll make sure your hot tub is completely empty and your electrical output shut off. Once that’s done, we’ll start dismantling your hot tub’s skirt, which holds all the mechanical components. Following that, we’re faced with the meat and potatoes of hot tub demo: cutting up the jacuzzi.

Using our on-hand sawing tools, we’ll cut through the fiberglass bed in sections. Finally, we’ll be left with all the bits and pieces of your old hot tub to clean up. In no time, we’ll load up all that debris, sweeping up after ourselves to prevent messes! Once we receive your payment, we’ll drive off to a nearby recycling facility to sustainably dispose of the demo waste.

About Us

JunkBusters is your new, go-to company for all things junk removal in the Memphis Metro area! On top of hot tub removal, we provide a range of diverse junk hauling services, fit for both residential and commercial needs. That includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, clean outs, appliance removal, and light demolition. With all the right experience and training under our belts, we’re ready to tackle your services with confidence, despite how demanding they may be!

Your new and improved, junk-free space is really just a call away. Instead of waiting for those other guys to get back to you with no expectations, count on our company for reliable same or next-day service.

What are you waiting for? Just dial (866) 901-5865 when you’re ready to book the services you need! 

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