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Junk Busters provides full-service eviction cleanout services in the Memphis Metro Area. We’ll handle the job from start to finish.

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The Best Eviction Cleanouts in the Memphis Metro Area.

If you’ve had to evict a tenant recently, you’re probably dealing with a lot of stress surrounding what’s to come. Considering all the wrinkles to iron out after eviction, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to clean out an evicted home. That’s why Junk Busters offers convenient convenient cleanout services to our community! With us, you get to rest easy knowing that all your eviction clean up is handled entirely, from junk pick-up to disposal!

What’s more, is that we do it all at a fair price! With a volume-based system, your eviction cleanout cost is simply based on the amount of junk that you need removed. At your appointment, you’ll just need to point our haulers to your junk, and from there they’ll present a free, all-inclusive quote! And yes, we actually mean it when we say all-inclusive. We stray away from charging add-on fees because we feel it’s dishonest and unfair. Instead, we’ll let you know your total price upfront!

Eviction Junk Items We Take:

  • Furniture
  • Recycling
  • Bed Frames
  • Appliances
  • Trash
  • Carpet & Rugs
  • Yard Waste
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Clothes
  • Gardening Tools
  • Mattresses
  • Toys & More

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JunkBusters Mid-South

Why Us For Eviction Junk Removal?

With us, eviction cleanouts are simple and straight-forward. We keep the process easy, and are always there every step of the way to answer any questions. Of course, our crew is made up of experienced professionals as well, so you can be assured that your cleanout services are handled properly! We also have all the right tools to get it done safely, without posing any injury risks.

Junk Busters ends every service with eco-friendly disposal. After the job is done, we’ll donate any usable items like furniture and clothing and recycle as much of the remainder as possible. That way, we can contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future in our communities!

JunkBusters Mid-South

Appliance Removal

A sudden eviction can give rise to many questions like “what do I do with this hefty, old washer and dryer?” At Junk Busters, we solve that for you! In providing eviction cleanouts in the Memphis Metro area, we’re happy to tackle appliance hauling and removal for you. Just sit back- we have all the equipment and muscles necessary to get it done safely! At your appointment, you can expect our team to arrive on time and present you with a free quote based on how much junk needs to be removed. Once that’s approved, we hit the ground running!

To start, our crew will bring out the appropriate tools to haul away your washer and dryer. Then, they’ll easily roll it out of your home and onto our truck! From there, they’ll work on the removal of all your other junk before handling the cleanup process. By sweeping up after your cleanout, we take your service the extra mile! And finally, we’ll politely receive your payment and be out of your hair. From there, we responsibly dispose of your old appliance. If your appliance is in working order, we’ll try to donate it locally! If not, however, we’ll see what we can do to recycle it at a local appliance recycling facility. Over there, on-site workers would handle all the processes necessary to break down and recycle the appliance contents.

JunkBusters Mid-South

About Us

Junk Busters is your friendly, local junk removal company that’s proud to offer the highest quality of eviction cleanouts in the Memphis Metro area. Between our strong attention to detail, work ethics, and expertise, booking us is a no-brainer. We always make sure to meet your needs, striving to exceed your expectations. With super flexible availability, we also serve residents across our service areas faster than any other! For same and next service you can always count on, call us.

Did you know that you didn’t have to move a muscle to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment and community? With eco-friendly disposal in all our services, we make that dream a reality! Our company proudly works with donation centers that give junk back to those in need. Additionally, we always recycle when we can. That goes for any construction debris, paper products, and yes- even furniture and appliances! As experts in the field, we have those right connections to make that possible.

Servicing The Memphis Metro Area

Our junk busting crew can make your junk disappear!

Upfront Quote

Upfront Quote

We’ll give you an accurate quote to remove your old furniture

7 Days a Week

7 Days a Week

Our team provides services every day of the week

Same-Day Service

Same Day

We can be there today or tomorrow if that’s what you need

On Time


You’ll get a call when we’re on our way, and we’ll be on time!

Available Discounts

Available Discounts

Discounts are available to military members and 1st responders

Flexible Payment

Flexible Payment

You can pay the removal bill with cash, a card, or a check

How It Works

Our Eviction Cleanouts Services Process

  1. Schedule an Appointment

    Book online or call us on the phone to schedule your pick up. Before we get started on your junk removal appointment, we’ll have to get there first. When we’re driving over, we’ll give you a courtesy call so you know to expect us.

  2. Free Estimate on-Site

    After we have checked out all the apartment junk you need us to remove, accept our upfront service quote. If you like our price, we’ll be able to leap into junk removal action.

  3. We Arrive Ready to Work

    Next, just feel free to watch as we haul away all the unwanted apartment items, including clothes, toys, electronics, kitchenware, and so much more!

  4. Responsible Disposal

    Finally, we will take the junk away for disposal. Additionally, any gently used items will be donated instead to help reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

When you’ve got junk, who you gonna call? JunkBusters Mid-South is proud to serve you in many junk removal locations across the Memphis Metro Area. We know the needs of the clients, therefore we do our best. This is why we hold ourselves to eco-friendly practices, too. Our local environment is part of the community, so we strive to reduce as much waste as possible. We make significant steps towards this goal by recycling as many materials as we can. Of course, donate your lightly used items to places such as our local battered women’s shelters.

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