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Discover how JunkBusters’ Dumpster Rental Services can streamline your large-scale cleanups, renovation projects, or events with our efficient, eco-friendly, and tailored solutions in the Memphis Metro Area.

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Dumpster Size Comparison

15-Yard Dumpster: The Perfect Fit for Medium-Sized Projects

Our 15-yard dumpsters are tailor-made for a variety of projects including, but not limited to, household cleanouts, construction debris management, and landscaping waste. Its convenient size makes it particularly suited for residential renovations, garage decluttering, or minor construction efforts, ensuring you have just the right amount of space to dispose of your junk efficiently.

25-Yard Dumpster: Spacious Solution for Large-Scale Endeavors

For projects requiring a bit more room, our 25-yard dumpsters offer the ideal solution. Capable of accommodating bulkier items such as large furniture, appliances, and significant amounts of construction debris, this dumpster size is perfect for extensive home renovations, commercial space clear-outs, or large construction site management, providing ample space to keep your project site clean and organized.
The JunkBusters Advantage

Tailored and Hassle-Free Dumpster Rental Services

Choosing Junk Busters means opting for a hassle-free experience tailored to your project’s unique requirements. Our process is straightforward: simply reach out to discuss your needs, and we’ll guide you in selecting the most suitable dumpster size. We pride ourselves on delivering the dumpster at a convenient time for you and ensuring prompt pick-up and responsible disposal of the waste once your project concludes. Our dedication to efficiency and reliability means you can concentrate on your project, confident that your waste management is under control.

Our dumpster rentals can accommodate a wide range of materials and debris, including:

  • Household junk and clutter
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Yard waste and landscaping debris
  • Furniture and appliances
  • And much more!


JunkBusters Mid-South

Experience the Benefits of Professional Dumpster Rentals

With Junk Busters, you’ll unlock numerous advantages for both residential and commercial projects, including:

  • Convenience: Our dumpsters provide a centralized waste management solution, eliminating the need for multiple landfill trips.
  • Efficiency: Keep your project site neat, enhancing workflow and facilitating quicker completion.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our transparent pricing and the comprehensive nature of our service can prove more economical than alternative waste removal options.
  • Versatility: Our dumpsters support a wide range of projects, ensuring you have the right tools for any job.

Junk Busters not only simplifies your project’s waste management but does so with an eco-conscious mindset. We are deeply committed to recycling and donating whenever possible, reflecting our dedication to the community and the environment. Servicing the Memphis Metro Area, we are your local experts in junk removal, offering eco-friendly solutions without compromising on efficiency.

Servicing The Memphis Metro Area

Efficient Dumpster Rentals for Every Cleanup Challenge

Upfront Quote

Upfront Quote

We’ll give you an accurate quote to remove your old furniture

7 Days a Week

7 Days a Week

Our team provides services every day of the week

Same-Day Service

Same Day

We can be there today or tomorrow if that’s what you need

On Time


You’ll get a call when we’re on our way, and we’ll be on time!

Available Discounts

Available Discounts

Discounts are available to military members and 1st responders

Flexible Payment

Flexible Payment

You can pay the removal bill with cash, a card, or a check

How It Works – A Detailed Guide

Streamlined Dumpster Rental Process

At Junk Busters, we’ve meticulously crafted our dumpster rental process to prioritize your ease and efficiency, ensuring that from the moment you reach out to us to the final disposal of your project’s waste, you experience seamless service. Here’s a closer look at each step of our comprehensive process:

  1. Personalized Assessment and Consultation

    We start by understanding your project needs through a detailed discussion, helping you choose the perfect dumpster size with our expert guidance.

  2. Flexible Reservation and Competitive Pricing

    Our team works with you to schedule a convenient delivery time, offering clear, competitive pricing to fit your budget.

  3. Prompt Delivery and Strategic Placement

    We deliver your chosen dumpster on time and place it strategically at your location for easy access and maximum efficiency.

  4. Comprehensive Usage Guidance

    Upon delivery, we provide detailed instructions on how to safely and effectively use the dumpster to manage your waste.

  5. Comprehensive Usage Guidance

    Once your project is complete, we promptly pick up the dumpster and ensure that your waste is disposed of responsibly, prioritizing recycling and donation whenever possible.

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

When you’ve got junk, who you gonna call? JunkBusters Mid-South is proud to serve you in many junk removal locations across the Memphis Metro Area. We know the needs of the clients, therefore we do our best. This is why we hold ourselves to eco-friendly practices, too. Our local environment is part of the community, so we strive to reduce as much waste as possible. We make significant steps towards this goal by recycling as many materials as we can. Of course, donate your lightly used items to places such as our local battered women’s shelters.

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