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Whether you’re relocating, closing down, or simply cleaning up your warehouse, we can help simplify the process! Call us anytime for the best warehouse cleanouts around. We serve the Memphis Metro area with great pride and consistency!


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Expert Warehouse Cleanouts for Local Companies and Property Managers

At JunkBusters Mid-South, we strive to making your life easier with our professional crew and countless services, we gladly branch out to warehouse junk removal for all the local business owners and property managers out there! Just like all of our other services, our warehouse cleanouts are completely customizable. Whether you need some trash picked up or your entire warehouse emptied out, we’ll get the job done! Our mission is to get rid of your junk accordingly, all while adjusting to your schedule, location, and circumstances!

With us, you don’t have to sweat over the intimidating responsibility of cleaning out a massive warehouse. As a full-service company, we make sure that you don’t lift a finger throughout the whole process! Our guys are ready to cover all the heavy lifting, hauling, and disposal of machinery, pallets, and any other waste accumulated! Additionally, we’ll go the extra mile, ensuring that your warehouse floors are free of dirt and dust by sweeping up your floors when we finish loading the truck. That’s just one example of how we show that we care!


If you’re in search of a wallet-friendly solution to your warehouse junk and trash, you’ve come to the right place! Not only are we reliable and prompt, but our prices. JunkBusters Mid-South keeps pricing light and simple with a universal volume-based system- meaning your price depends on how much junk you have. Don’t worry though, our guys will let you know your exact cost in advance so you know what to expect! We always present customers with free, all-inclusive quotes. You won’t be seeing any add-on fees on that bill at check-out, either! Our guys lock in your price from the moment they give you that quote.


  1. Whenever you’re ready to book our warehouse cleanout services, we are too! Just dial our number or book here to schedule.
  2. You can count on our pros to arrive on time or early to your appointment. Upon arrival, they’ll assess your junk volume.
  3. From there, our crew will land on a reasonable price and present that to you through a free quote!
  4. Your last step for our warehouse cleanouts is to approve the quote. Once you do that, we’ll start picking up junk!


Warehouse Waste Removal and Disposal

When you’re looking for assistance with warehouse waste management, you can count on the professionals for honest solutions and responsible disposal. After all, warehouses are immense spaces used to store inventory and usually littered with product waste like cardboard, plastic, and sometimes even debris from old wooden pallets. While it may seem easy to handle all the cleaning and disposal, the process can eat away at more time than anticipated. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! Our full-service warehouse junk removal services cover the removal and disposal process of your trash, recyclables, and other warehouse junk. What’s more, we always dispose of trash and recyclables properly. You may think that all the trash goes to the same place, but product waste is usually full of recyclable materials. Our guys make sure to hand that off to the right facility so that recyclable waste always gets recycled!

Here’s what to expect after you approve our warehouse cleanout cost. Our hauling pros will disperse amongst your warehouse collecting all of your waste and properly organizing them into the correct categories. Once all your junk is picked up, they’ll load it all up onto trucks and prepare for the disposal process! But first, we’ll sweep up any dust and debris lingering on your floors. After that, we’re off to handle the disposal properly through a local transfer station!

About JunkBusters Mid-South

At Junk Busters Mid-South, we’re proud to be the best option for warehouse cleanouts in the Memphis Metro Area. We’re not like the other guys who overcharge you for mediocre service, in fact, we’re a locally-owned company that brings you the best service you can ask for. No matter what service you need, we show that you come first along every step of the way! First, our pros will display top-tier professionalism by arriving on time to your appointment with gratitude. After promptly laying out the plan with you, they’ll give you a reasonably low price that’ll relieve any stress you may still have! And from there on out, they cover your service with utmost speed and efficiency, without compromising on quality. After your junk is loaded up onto the truck, we’ll even sweep up any debris left behind!

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