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Renovating your kitchen is a breeze when you choose our professional licensed and insured contractors for residential demolition services.

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Expert Kitchen Demolition Services in the Memphis Metro Area.

Are you dreaming of a stunning kitchen renovation in the Memphis metro area? Before you can bring your vision to life, you’ll need to start with a clean slate, and that means demolishing your old kitchen. Kitchen demolition is a critical phase of any remodeling project, and it requires the right expertise, tools, and a keen eye for detail. That’s where the professionals at JunkBusters Mid-South come in.

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Why Our

Kitchen Demolition Services

Precision and safety are imperative when you hire a company for a kitchen demo. Our team of professionals understands this, so we take pride in providing reliable and efficient residential demolition services in Metro Memphis.

Expertise. Our team comprises highly skilled individuals who have extensive demolition experience, so rest assured that your project always remains compliant. Wondering if you’ll need a permit? We can help!

Safety. Never hire a team that can’t guarantee your safety. We’re licensed, bonded and insured, so we carefully follow protocols and procedures to ensure that every aspect of the project is secure.

Unique Solutions. We understand that each project has unique requirements, and we approach each one with a customized solution. Whether you’re looking to completely gut your kitchen or selective demolition, we can accommodate your needs and budget.

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What is the Kitchen Demolition Cost?

At the beginning of your appointment, you will receive a detailed estimate that outlines all costs involved in your kitchen demolition project. We aim to work within your budget and make sure there are no surprises. We factor in the size of the kitchen and the amount of work needed to gut or partially demolish it.

Cleanup and disposal fees are included in the final cost. Demolition generates a lot of debris and we take care of this stressful cleanup process for you to ensure that your space is ready for the next phase. Additionally, we’ll properly dispose of your materials by recycling and repurposing cabinets, fixtures, and more whenever possible.

How to Prepare for Kitchen Demolition

  • Clear the Space
    Remove all items from your kitchen, including appliances, dishes, and personal belongings. This will make the demolition process smoother and protect your belongings from damage.
  • Secure Valuables
    If you have valuable or fragile items in your kitchen or adjacent areas, consider moving them to a safe location to prevent potential damage during demolition.
  • Create a Temporary Kitchen
    If you’re living in the home after the demolition process, you’ll need a temporary kitchen setup. Set up a designated space with a microwave, toaster oven, and other essentials. This will help you maintain some level of normalcy while your kitchen is out of commission.
  • Set Realistic Expectations
    Demolition can be a disruptive process, so it’s essential to set realistic expectations about the noise, dust, and duration of the project. Understanding these factors will help you stay patient and focused on the end result.

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If you’re ready to start your kitchen renovation journey in the Memphis metro area, our expert kitchen demolition services are here to help. Don’t wait – the first step in your kitchen renovation journey begins with the right demolition services. Choose us, and you’ll be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams.

Looking for more demolition services? We’re experts in removing many structures such as hot tubs, sheds, and more! Give us a call today and you’ll receive a free quote for your demolition project.

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Our Kitchen Demolition Services Process

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    The last thing for you to do in our kitchen demolition process is approve that quote! Our crew will handle the rest from there.

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When you’ve got junk, who you gonna call? JunkBusters Mid-South is proud to serve you in many junk removal locations across the Memphis Metro Area. We know the needs of the clients, therefore we do our best. This is why we hold ourselves to eco-friendly practices, too. Our local environment is part of the community, so we strive to reduce as much waste as possible. We make significant steps towards this goal by recycling as many materials as we can. Of course, donate your lightly used items to places such as our local battered women’s shelters.

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